Compass Curriculum

The Compass program of learning is flexible and responsive in order to customise the learning experience to the child

Learning Pathways

The child's needs, contributions and inquiries determine their unique learning journey at Compass


This allows children to experience a range of pathways through the Compass program

Customising Learning

Compass Teachers shape 

each child's learning journey by personalising experiences,

tailoring instruction and working together in a spirit of collaboration


Our Structure

Compass provides time for children to engage in

guided or independent inquiries, focused learning experiences,

and time to play and contribute to their own learning journey

Compass Venn.png

Through these dimensions,

children will explore the Australian Curriculum

and have time to inquire, play, create and collaborate


At Compass, children have time to inquire through independent, group and class investigations


These inquiries may be instigated by the child or led by the teacher

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Journey of Inquiry

The process of inquiry provides opportunities for children to:

Explore and discover

Follow interests, questions and curiosities

Investigate and take action

Transfer skills and knowledge (including from Focused Learning)


Guided Inquiries

Guided inquiries are designed by teachers to investigate particular topics, interests, themes or concepts

These inquiries are open-ended in nature to allow scope for children to make contributions

Integrated Curriculum

Guided inquiries are designed

to facilitate learning

across subject boundaries,

helping children to make

connections and appreciate the

interwoven nature of learning

Sample Guided Inquiry

'All Living Things Grow & Change'

Compass Ray.png

All Living Things

Grow & Change


Represent change in living things

e.g. Observational drawings and artworks




Use mathematical skills to investigate and measure change

e.g. ‘How tall have our vegetables grown?’


Read, research and communicate change in living things

e.g. Writing in a learning journal 

Wonder, observe and record change in living things

e.g. Observing our vegetables growing








Compass uses this approach, known as integrated curriculum, to connect learning across subjects (key learning areas)

Focused Learning

Focused learning emphasises

the tools needed for a lifelong learning journey

Compass Teachers assist children

to build upon knowledge, concepts, skills and strategies through tailored instruction, purposeful practice and application of learning

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Skills for Life

Focused learning emphasises children:

Growing a love of reading

Building confidence as creative writers

Becoming mathematical thinkers

Applying skills to real world scenarios and problems


Learning at My Level

Learning experiences are customised to assist children to learn at their level, at their own pace and in ways that benefit the learner

Appreciating the Journey

Compass teachers work closely with children to encourage growth and development, positive attitudes

and habits, and an appreciation of the learning journey within themselves and others

Child Contributions

At Compass, we listen to the voices of children, value their contributions and invite them to make choices as valued partners on the learning journey 

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Child Contributions

& Play

Voice and Choice

Children are respected as decision makers and empowered to shape their learning journey in a variety of ways

This involves children:

Designing and determining play

Creating and organising games and activities (including for Focused Learning)

Setting goals, taking action and being responsible

Having input in decision making processes (including Inquiries)


The Importance of Play

Children's play is seen as an integral part of the child's journey, essential to social and emotional development, and relevant to children of all ages


As such, Compass embeds play as a valued part of our everyday program that is led by children

and supported by teachers


The Magic of Play

Compass harnesses the magic of play in the myriad of forms it can take, including:

Creative play

Exploratory play

Collaborative play

Nature play



Interconnected Learning

Children's play and contributions, inquiries and focused learning are design to overlap and interconnect to create a holistic learning journey for the child

Charting the Journey

Compass Teachers monitor children's progress throughout the learning journey, using checkpoints and milestones to reflect and celebrate progress

Valuing Learning

Compass Teachers invest in quality interactions and experiences so the focus remains on the journey,

not the destination