Independent School

Compass is a school designed by teachers and researchers to be responsive to the needs of children


For this reason, the child is

the heart of Compass

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Compass values each child’s learning journey


We appreciate the uniqueness of each child’s path and

prioritise the journey, not the destination

Navigate the Journey

Compass prioritises children having time to inquire, play, create and collaborate as essential endeavours for learning and development

These four compass points are used to navigate our program of learning


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Teachers as Guides

Children and teachers navigate

the learning journey together

Compass teachers act as guides and facilitate learning at the child's level

Chart Your Course

The program of learning is designed to be flexible and responsive to children’s needs, contributions and inquiries


The Compass Journey

Teachers as guides and coaches

Designed for children

A small, independent school focused on relationships

A program focusing on inquiry, play, creativity and collaboration 

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The Compass Way

Compass nurtures children's
growth and relationships by:

Being intentionally small in size
Offering a multi-age setting
Having children spend several years with their classmates and teachers


Compass Kids

Compass is a place where children can be uniquely themselves

Compass welcomes children of all genders, cultural backgrounds and beliefs