Compass Model

Compass reshapes the

journey through school


We create a place where children feel valued, have a sense of belonging and can be uniquely themselves

The Compass Model

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A small school


Multi-age setting


Longer time frames with teachers


Indoor & outdoor learning


Hands-on learning 


Parent partnerships


No formal uniform


No homework


A Small School

Designed intentionally as a small school, Compass establishes an intimate setting in which children are known and nurtured on their unique learning journeys

A Multi-Age Setting

A multi-age setting has been specifically chosen as a way of encouraging children to learn with and from their peers along a

shared learning journey


Learning Together

Compass groups children of 

different ages together

to facilitate learning beyond year level demarcations,

much as occurs in the real world

A multi-age setting


Children learn at their level


Build friendships irrespective of age


Have opportunities to lead & mentor


Beyond a Year

By creating a multi-age setting, children at Compass have the opportunity to spend

more than 1 year with their teachers and classmates

A Learning Community

This transforms the child's journey from a year-on-year shift to a community of learners who enjoy sustained periods of time together


Increased Support

Through our model, children experience greater continuity and ongoing support which enhances their learning journey

at Compass and beyond

The Benefits

Spending longer time frames with their teachers and classmates, allows children to:

Be better understood as unique learners


greater stability

Invest in relationship building

Class groupings, including duration with teachers

 will be determined once we finalise our school site

Partnering with Parents

Compass values the important role parents play throughout the child's learning journey

We work collaboratively to value input from parents, appreciating knowledge of the child, areas of expertise and family heritage

Home Free

Compass respects family time and appreciates commitments beyond the school day

Consequently, Compass has a no homework policy

Valuing Identity

Compass values the identity of each child including self expression

As a result, Compass has no formal uniform

Rather, we have clothing guidelines relevant to a program incorporating a high degree of creativity and play

The Compass Classroom

Compass promotes the learning journey by creating inviting spaces

for learning, play and relaxation

The Compass classroom takes advantage of indoor and outdoor spaces, including nature and outings to inspire each child's learning journey

Hands-on Learning

Compass emphasises children learning in a hands-on fashion, using materials that engage the senses, deepen understanding and help them explore their world

Sparking Learning

Compass Teachers purposefully chose interesting and engaging materials that spark inquiry, play, creativity and collaboration

Beyond the Classroom

Contributions from parents, children and community members enhance the learning experience