Compass Model

Compass creates a place

where children feel valued,

have a sense of belonging and

can be uniquely themselves

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A Small School

Designed intentionally as a small primary school, 

children are known and nurtured on their learning journeys

A Multi-Age Setting

Children from different year levels share learning spaces,

building a community of learners

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Teaching Teams

A dedicated team of teachers facilitates learning,

sharing their expertise and

qualities with the children


Our Classes

Children spend several years in the one class,

alleviating year-on-year transitions and enabling continuity of learning

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Multi-age classes with dedicated teachers

Greater investment in the child as a learner

Stronger friendships
and mentoring opportunities

Expanding the child's horizon of learning

Growth of the School

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One class

Prep - Year 5

Two classes

Prep - Year 6

Three classes

Prep - Year 6


future growth

(including a

secondary school)

The Outdoor Classroom

Children enjoy daily outings into neighbouring parkland for exercise, play and outdoor learning

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Classroom Spaces

Indoor learning environments accommodate three classes

with inspired spaces for learning and play

Outdoor Adventures

A variety of local parks, parkland and community spaces, expand the program from learning the curriculum, to living the curriculum

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School Timetable

The timetable is flexible in nature and will vary with heat and weather


Compass Kids enjoy a minimum of one and a half hours of play a day

Break times for morning tea and lunch are additional to this


Compass values the role of parents, volunteers, and community partners to the child's learning journey and welcomes collaborations

No Homework or Uniform

Children wear clothing suitable for a highly active program, including a vest during outings

Compass respects family time and has chosen not to offer homework

The Compass Model

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A small school


Multi-age setting


Teaching teams


Indoor & outdoor learning


Hands-on learning 





No formal uniform


No homework