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Your child experiences the magic of the learning journey

at Compass through our four compass points: 

inquire, play, create and collaborate


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These elements reflect our desire to harness 

children's natural inclinations and innate love of learning

The process of inquiry harnesses natural curiosity.  At Compass, your child is encouraged to:​

  • Observe and explore

  • Ask questions, form hypotheses and make discoveries

  • Experiment and investigate


Play is an integral part of child development, and at Compass your child can play in its myriad forms:

  • Creative play

  • Exploratory play

  • Collaborative play

  • Imaginative play

  • Nature play


Creativity involves developing original ideas.  At Compass, your child has opportunities to:

  • Design, hypothesise or innovate

  • Use lateral thinking

  • Engage in self-expression

  • Explore the Arts 


Collaboration involves interacting with others for a shared purpose. 

At Compass, we help your child to:

  • Listen and exchange ideas

  • Assign roles, advocate and make fair decisions

  • Compromise and problem solve


We prioritise wellbeing, sense of self and interpersonal relationships through our values:  

be fair, caring, open-mindedrespectful, and be me


These values help your child develop socially and emotionally

and have positive, healthy relationships

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Be Fair

Be Caring

Be Open-Minded

Be Respectful

Be Me 

At Compass, your child enjoys dynamic teaching and learning, whilst being in an environment that is values oriented and relationships focused

Your child benefits from working alongside others in a collaborative space that values a growth mindset, support for one another and challenging oneself


The nature of the program requires active participation and a high degree of initiative, responsibility and cooperation from the children. 

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