Compass Philosophy

Compass views learning as a journey full of wonder, discovery, challenge, growth and memories


Our Compass Points

Our philosophy captures the magic of the child's learning journey through four compass points -

inquire, play, create and collaborate

These elements reflect Compass priorities and our desire to harness 

children's natural inclinations and innate love of learning


These form the compass points through which we

navigate the program of learning

A Lifelong Journey

At Compass, children have time to

inquire, play, create and collaborate as endeavours essential to lifelong learning and holistic development

Valuing Time

Children have time to enjoy and experience the learning journey, to build relationships and have a balanced day 

Valuing the child

Compass prioritises the child's wellbeing, sense of self and interpersonal relationships

Our inter-cardinal directions help children navigate 

their everyday interactions


Compass Values

Our values are: be fair, caring, open-minded and respectful, and 'be me'

They include the way we treat ourselves and others

A Shared Experience

At Compass, peers, friends, teachers and parents

share the learning journey and act as companions, mentors and guides

New Growth

Compass Teachers work alongside children to guide, support and challenge on the path to new growth and development


Tools for Learning

Compass Teachers assist children to develop the skills, strategies, habits and attitudes useful on their learning journey


Valuing Progress

Compass Teachers follow the child's learning journey to

monitor progress and celebrate important milestones

A Flexible Program

Our learning programs are in-built with flexibility to be responsive to the child's learning journey and enhance the experience

The Child's Learning Journey

Compass offers a unique learning journey for children to experience


This is Compass through the child's eyes

My teachers guide me

I can be uniquely me

I learn and play with friends of different ages

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