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Compass utilises the dimensions of inquiries, focused learning, and child contributions and play for children to explore the Australian Curriculum

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Focused Learning

Child Contributions
& Play


Inquiries can take many forms and involve your child in independent, group and class investigations that explore interests, questions, topics and big ideas

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Class Unit of Inquiry in 2023:  'Make, Bake, Experiment!'

(this is 1 of 5 units of inquiry in 2023)


In this unit, your child delves into processes of
creativity and experimentation, has multiple opportunities to make, bake and experiment, and in doing so, apply literacy and numeracy skills

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Use mathematical skills to make, bake and experiment

e.g. Measuring quantities when baking

Read, follow and write recipes and instructions
e.g. Share your recipe for someone else to replicate




Be creative and design useful, hand-made items

e.g. Create a unique piece of jewellery to gift

Conduct experiments in the Kitchen Science Lab

e.g. Test out slime recipes and create new ones


Make, Bake, Experiment!

Compass uses this approach, known as integrated curriculum, to connect learning across subjects (key learning areas)

During focused learning sessions, Compass Teachers help build your child's knowledge, skills and strategies, particularly in literacy, numeracy and social thinking

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Compass Teachers tailor learning to support your child to:

  • Read for enjoyment, knowledge and interest

  • Be confident as a writer

  • Think mathematically and solve problems

  • Apply social thinking


At Compass, your child has a voice and choice in learning when:

  • Orchestrating play and creating games

  • Helping design activities and pursuing interests

  • Setting goals and making decisions

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Child Contributions

& Play

The outdoor learning and play program involves your child in:

  • Daily outings to local parkland

  • Time for games, sport, running and all types of play

  • Connecting with nature and spending time with friends


The program is designed to promote a wonderful learning journey for your child, supported and guided by teachers who monitor progress

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