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The 2024 Teaching Team

Alicia Gilbert
Founder, Teaching Principal & Director

Alicia is the Founder, Teaching Principal and Director of Compass.  She has two degrees in education and has taught as a primary school teacher in local and international schools for more than 20 years.  


Alicia worked at NIST International School, a world leader in inquiry based learning, and built QUT's undergraduate course in integrated curriculum. 


Alicia spent four years developing Compass and loves being part of children's inquiry, play, creativity and collaboration. 


Emily Moore
Classroom Teacher

Emily is an incredible teacher who is passionate about sparking children’s learning and creative expression.  She has experience in children’s art programs and as a Forest School Educator.


Emily is an advocate for child-centred and inquiry-based learning and is thrilled to be a part of the education journey for children at Compass.


Marcelo Sosa

Classroom Teacher

Marcelo joined Compass in 2024 as our second classroom teacher.  


The Board of Directors

Dr Lisa van Leent


Lisa is an educational researcher interested in social equity in education.  Lisa's expertise includes over 10 years in classrooms including teaching roles, leadership and coaching roles across the primary years, and over 5 years in adult education and higher education contexts.

Shayla Olsen


Shayla is an educator, writer and advocate for the magic of childhood.  Shayla has 10 years classroom teaching experience and now works in higher education and research.  She has a Bachelor of Education, a Masters of Arts, and is currently completing a PhD in Creative Writing Pedagogy.

Dr Shaun Nykvist


Shaun is an educator, researcher and author focused on innovative approaches to teaching and learning that focus on activating student learning.  Shaun has knowledge of educational systems across the world and has played a key role in developing curriculum internationally.


Kim Summers


Kim is an educator with over 25 years’ experience in the field. During this time Kim has worked as a teacher, teacher trainer, senior manager, school improvement leader, educational strategist, program and portfolio manager and university academic. Kim’s educational qualifications include a MEd, BA and Grad Dip Ed.

Kim image.jpg

Team Compass Advisors

Rob McGuiness


Rob has been a senior executive and practising consultant in the supply chain space within Australia and the near Pacific for over 30 years.  Rob has honours diplomas in business management and supply chain management and practise.

Allan Young


Allan is an advisor, leadership expert, life coach and architect.  He has a passion for leadership and enhancing peoples’ lives.  Allan was director of his own architectural practice and spent 20 years as a high level sports coach.  Allan has degrees in Design Studies and Architecture.

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