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Welcome to Compass Independent School

An exciting destination for your child's learning journey


Located on-campus at QUT, Kelvin Grove, Compass offers your child a small school experience with an incredible indoor and outdoor program

As Brisbane's first vertical primary school, surrounded by hectares of parkland, your child will enjoy 90 minutes of daily nature play
in an inner city location


Designed by a team of education experts,
Compass offers a dynamic program of learning in which
your child will inquire, play, create and collaborate... every day!

Your child will delve into
units of inquiry inviting research, investigations and creative projects that immerse your child in a wonderful world of learning


Focused learning sessions equip your child with lifelong skills as a reader, writer and mathematical thinker with the interpersonal skills to navigate relationships


As children spend several years in the one class, your child benefits from the stability and consistency of a dedicated teaching team who know and appreciate your child

With an emphasis on learning in small groups, your child receives attention from our warm and supportive teachers who
coach at the child's level


Compass presents an amazing opportunity for primary schooling at QUT, Kelvin Grove

Limited places are available to enrol your child in our multi-age cohort (Prep to Year 6)

At Compass, your child will experience:

  • A small school with multi-age classes and caring, attentive teachers

  • Learning that invites inquiry, play, creativity and collaboration

  • Units of inquiry that are interesting, engaging and fun

  • Coaching by their teachers at their level

  • 90 minutes of daily outdoor learning and play


Compass is a co-educational, non-denominational primary school, 
a registered Australian Charity and accredited by the Non-State Schools Accreditation Board

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